Introducing.... Ryley

As of June 1st 2014, Ryley is about 14 years old. She is a Black Labrador Retriever / Chow Chow mix. 

Coming in at about 145 pounds. Ryley has given birth to 33 puppies from six litters.

 All but two have been adopted to wonderful homes.

Each and every family was screened to make sure they had the room and understood the commitment of raising a dog from puppy to adult. That having a special breed like these- is not a "plug in, throw away" family member. We wanted to make sure that each and every family knew they could return any dog to us, no questions asked. Not one single dog was ever returned. Saying volumes for how careful we screened the families. Over half of the families have kept in touch over the years, sending us pictures and updates.

One male from litter number 4, we kept, He is named "Sir Tor"

The other one from the last litter is Johawna.  She was the smallest and least furry, but the most brave following her own path to explore the back yard. Just like her mom and brother- JoJo as we call her is a very sweet and loving family member.

And like her pack members- all of our dogs are VERY, VERY (VERY!) protective of their family. Many a passerby has ran away when seeing the dogs "bristle, bark and growl". Just ask the Mayor of Harrington who made the mistake of coming up to the fence when we lived there..... Ryley and Sir Tor almost gave him a heart attack..... "That's what they are for" I explained..... "keeping non-family persons away from our yard and home." Just doing their jobs!

Here are a couple of photos of Ryley in the front yard, playing with Kyndra and Emma . . . . what a HAM!

In these pictures, she is about 2 years old. Apart from a little bit of grey on her chin- she looks just about the same.


We Love our Ryley! 


Waiting for the ball


Playing keep away with Kyndra and Emma. She is really hard to catch!


Oh, so close! They almost had her.




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